Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wish List

I really want both of these maxi skirts from Zara because I can't choose which one I prefer. They have both sold out in my size though which is horribly frustrating. I'm in need of a shopping trip to London asap to try and get my hands on them or at least one of them.

The grey/greeny one is £39.99 and the black one is £29.99. I love Zara, it is such good value for money, but the clothes always have that designer look to them. Zara is one of my favourite shops at the moment.


This shirt is my new sought after item of clothing. But unfortunately I will never be able to own it unless I win the lottery. I've been hunting for a replica but am yet to find one. The shirt is Givenchy, I'm unsure who the skirt is by but I absolutely adore it too.

Although Natasha Poly looks stunning in anything she wears I think it would fit ever so nicely in my wardrobe.. A girl can dream.